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Wheeled Excavators: Three Critical Maintenance Tips for Your Tyres

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Proper maintenance of your wheeled excavator tyres is critical for the optimal productivity of your worksite. In simple terms, there will be minimal downtime in your operations because of the reliability of your well-maintained tyres. Also, the tyres will promote good fuel economy, allowing you to manage your fuel expenses. In addition, when they are in good condition, you will promote safety for your operators, workers and other individuals on your site. Read More»

3 Things Mechanics Want You to Know about Upgrading Wheels and Tires

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When you first buy a car, the tires may be the last thing you consider. This is especially true if you are buying a new car. However, there will be a point when you will need new tires. Instead of going with the style of tires that came with the car, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade. Before you upgrade your tires, there are a few things mechanics would want you to consider about the purchase. Read More»