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Top Questions to Ask When Buying Stainless Steel Castors

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If you are shopping for castors for warehouse carts or other material handling systems, stainless steel models are the best choice. As their name suggests, stainless steel castors are made from stainless steel, one of the most durable metals available. Therefore, you should not be duped into buying zinc-plated castors since they look like stainless steel castors. That said, it is essential to know as much as possible about stainless steels castors to avoid mistakes. This article highlights critical questions to ask a supplier regarding stainless steel castors.

1. Which Is the Best Grade?

Stainless steel castors are made from different steel grades; hence, your choice determines strength and corrosion resistance properties. Typically, steel grades 304 and 316 are considered the best choice for stainless steel castors because of their excellent corrosion resistance properties. Notably, stainless steel grades contain high levels of chromium and nickel, which are crucial elements for keeping rust at bay. Although stainless steel castors made from grade 304 or 316 steel are pricey, they are ideal for industrial use. For instance, stainless steel castors can withstand harsh cleaning and corrosive agents like de-icing salts and saltwater.

2. Should Stainless Steel Castors Have Kingpins?

Some castors are equipped with kingpins, which act as the central pivot when steering a cart. However, you need to be careful when choosing stainless steel castors with kingpins for various reasons. For instance, the kingpin holding the mounting plate and fork assembly on castors creates a raceway within the wheel. Consequently, it allows water and chemicals into castors' bearing that wash out lubricants to keep the wheel moving smoothly. However, the lack of lubrication causes bearings to grind against each other, increasing friction and excess noise when pulling or pushing carts. Therefore, it is advisable to buy kingpin-less stainless steel castors for better operation and easy maintenance.

3. What Is the Best Wheel Type for Stainless Steel Castors?

Wheel material is significant to the durability of stainless steel castors. Although stainless steel castors do not suffer from rust problems, you should do everything to keep the castors away from water. It is the reason nylon wheels are the best choice for stainless steel castors since they have water-resistance properties. It does not matter whether you choose injected-moulded, glass-filled, or cast nylon wheels because all are impervious to water and industrial chemicals. Additionally, nylon wheels are easy to clean, enhancing the ease of maintenance.