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When It's Time to Go for a Tyre Alignment

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Tyre alignment refers to the adjustment of your car's suspension. It works so that each wheel is positioned in such a way that it is evenly balanced with the other. This is done by an experienced tyre alignment professional by using specialised alignment equipment. The main aim of this process is to make sure that there isn't any avoidable wearing out of your car tyres.

Uneven wear and tear happen when there is an unbalanced strain on the wheels, and that is where tyre alignment comes into play. The leading cause of misalignment of the tyres is collision from hitting a pothole as you drive. Here is how you can tell when your car needs an immediate tyre alignment.   

1. Your Car's Steering Wheel Is Shaking

Driving a car requires that you accelerate whenever there is a need to do so. However, if you are accelerating and you feel that your vehicle is vibrating, then that only means it is time to go for a tyre alignment. The way a car is designed, you shouldn't ever feel any vibrations as you grab the wheel.

There are many reasons why your vehicle could be shaking as you drive, and one of them is the misalignment of tyres. A qualified technician is better placed in identifying the real cause of the vibrations, whether it is a misalignment or another problem altogether.

2. You Feel Your Car Pulling to a Specific Side

The only way you can identify this problem is if you are driving on a flat road surface. Typically, your car's steering wheel is meant to remain steady whenever your hands aren't on the wheel. However, in the real sense, your car will experience a certain level of pull in a particular direction.

The reason behind this analogy is attributed to chunks of road that have some crowning that is responsible for the unidirectional pull. It is generally encouraged that you have your hands on the steering wheel at all times to avoid any dangerous situations.

If you feel that the pull requires a lot of effort to counter, then this means your vehicle needs an urgent tyre alignment. The process corrects the mispositioning of the wheels to give off an ordinary driving experience.

3. Your Car Is Experiencing Irregular Tyre Wear

The way your car tyres wear out can tell you a lot about your car's condition. Reputable tyre alignment experts use the wear outline to diagnose the various issues related to suspension, alignment and pressure.

If you realise that your car tyres are only worn out on the outer sections, then it means your camber needs adjusting. Tyre alignment is intended to correct all these irregularities and have your car remain in good condition.