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3 Things Mechanics Want You to Know about Upgrading Wheels and Tires

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When you first buy a car, the tires may be the last thing you consider. This is especially true if you are buying a new car. However, there will be a point when you will need new tires. Instead of going with the style of tires that came with the car, you may find yourself wanting to upgrade. Before you upgrade your tires, there are a few things mechanics would want you to consider about the purchase. Here are three of those key points.

Buying a Set of Tires

One of the first things mechanics would likely want you to consider are the benefits of buying tires in a set versus one at a time as you need them. When you buy tires in a set, either two or four, you give yourself the advantage of even wear on the tires. For example, if you buy a full set of four and have them aligned and balanced, each tire will have the same amount of weight distributed onto them as well as the same amount of road wear. This means, ideally, that each tire is breaking down at the same time, instead of one losing tread faster than the other causing a possible accident or damage to the car. 

Consider Your Weather

In some cases you may be more focused on purchasing tires than you are on how those tires will be used and in what weather conditions. For example, if you look you may find that there are many types of tires for cold weather, rainy weather, or even all weather conditions. The problem with this is, if you buy an all weather tire they may not be as suitable for the environment and could break down easier than a tire suited for the extreme rain your area receives or the extreme cold. Make sure you are considering the weather you will face the majority of the year and narrow down your search based on that criteria.

Think about the Terrain

Your mechanic would likely want you to know that not all tires are created for the terrain you are in. For example, you may want to purchase a tire that is suited for rainy conditions. However, you may drive primarily in a rural area that has rocky roads or where the roadway may not be as smooth as in the more populated areas. A tire suited for rain will have treading that moves the rain away from the car, but is designed for rain on smooth roads. The rocky roads may not be suitable for this causing the tires to wear down quicker and not work as well.

These three key points are the things that most mechanics would tell you about upgrading your tires. These points are to prevent you from making a choice, like buying only one tire instead of a set, that could cause uneven wear on the wheels or possible damage to your car. If you are ready to move forward with the purchase, contact your local auto shop and their team of mechanics for assistance.