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The Various Types of Truck Tyres Available for You to Choose From

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Buying tyres for your truck is a purchase that you will definitely want to get right the first time because tyres are the primary point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface, and therefore impact vehicle safety and performance a great deal. But with the many options available for your truck, deciding which type of tyres will be right for your vehicle can be a daunting task. 

Continue reading on below to acquaint yourself with the various choices available for your truck tyres.

All-season truck tyres

As you can tell by the name, all-season tyres are designed to perform well in most conditions. They are suitable for truckers who want a smooth and comfortable ride, adequate traction in both dry and wet conditions and a long tread wear throughout the year. All-season tyres are, however, not the best option when precise vehicle handling and maximum grip between the tyres and the road surface is desired. 

Performance all-season truck tyres

These tyres are a suitable choice for truckers looking for precise vehicle handling and year-round grip tuned for better braking. In general, they allow for better handling of the vehicle compared to regular all-seasons, and they also have a greater speed rating. 

Truck winter tyres

These tyres are also known as truck snow tyres because they are specifically designed to be used during winter weather when snow and ice falls on the roads. For optimal vehicle safety and performance, truck winter tyres should always be used in a set of four, which allows for optimum grip while operating the vehicle. 

Truck summer tyres

Like truck winter tyres, these tyres are specifically designed to be used during summer when the roads are dry and warmer temperatures set in. The rubber on truck summer tyres is softer than that on winter tyres to provide better traction on dry roads during warmer temperatures.

All-terrain truck tyres

These tyres are suitable for use on paved roads and for off-road use. They are designed for heavy-duty applications, and their rugged tread ensures maximum traction in most road conditions, including dry and wintry conditions.

The best way to ensure you select the right tyres for your truck is to assess your situation first. Aside from knowing which type of truck you operate, it is also important to consider which type of roads you will be travelling on and in which type of weather. Ultimately, you may find that you need a combination of different types of truck tyres to ensure optimal vehicle safety and performance throughout the year.